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Tirol, Austria Vlog 2015 (Part 1)

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Tirol is a state in Austria. Young! Tanzsommer toured in this state. This vlog records two cities in Tirol: Bregenz and St. Johann.

In Bregenz we stayed at a hotel near Lake Constance. This lake was full of swans and a perfect place for pictures because of the scenery in the background. The city also has curiously hidden stores and REALLY good gelato!

St. Johann was the real adventure, the very first thing we did was jump off a mountain- paragliding. Along, with our adventurous guides, we saw the city from an eagle’s eye view. We always returned to the mountains and had our bizarre fun. We had amazing photoshoots and rode up and down the cable cars. There was a cultural exchange with the locals: we danced for them and they danced for us. Their dance is called Folkloretänze.

All together, Tirol was an exquisite escapade! Stay tuned for part two of the Tirol adventures…

P.S. This vlog is dedicated to Katherine Guidry because St. Johann was perfect- the city and its memories…

Kilo Kish “Curious (Le Flex Remix)”


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